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Studies show that approximately one half of all American adults have moderate to severe gum disease. Our resident expert, Dr. Lichtsinn, has found that these statistics hold true in the Fargo-Moorhead community as well. Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is a slow growing and painless infection – meaning it can and will sneak up on you without proper oral hygiene habits. Failure to diagnose and treat this disease can lead to wiggly teeth that are easily lost. By the time pain or swelling is detected, the likelihood of saving the affected teeth is poor. It has been estimated that periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in America.

Signs and Symptoms

What are the signs of this sinister thief known as gum disease?

  • Bleeding gums
  • Recession of gums
  • Bad breath
  • Buildup of stains and tartar on teeth
  • Loosening teeth

Periodontal disease has also been shown to affect your systemic health. For example, a gum infection can exacerbate diabetes symptoms. Additionally, a higher prevalence of heart (cardiovascular) disease has also been noted in people with gum disease. Another factor that most would not attribute to their gum health is that pregnant women with this condition are at higher risk of low birth weight, premature labor and preeclampsia. Thus, Control of periodontal disease is critical to improving your general health! If you show any of the symptoms relating to gum disease, you should schedule a dental exam at your earliest convenience.


Fortunately periodontal disease is not new, can be easily diagnosed, and has well-established treatments. At Southpointe Dental in Fargo, we offer state of the art, methodical and comfortable treatment of gum disease. Our initial appointment includes digital x-rays and careful diagnostic measurements to quantify this disease. With modern instrumentation, our dental hygienists are able to carefully and painlessly remove disease-causing buildup, called calculus, from your teeth. In some cases we may use a dental laser to treat periodontal pockets, halting progression. Treatment is individualized to your particular needs and we coach you on better home care – we are a partner in your better health!

Our office makes affordable treatment of periodontal disease a reality. Starting with healthy gums allows predictable treatment of many issues such as: cosmetic dentistry, dental implant restorations, beautiful veneers, crowns and bridges.

If you’re in the Fargo area, give us a call at Southpointe Dental to schedule an appointment with a 30-year veteran to dentistry, Dr. James Lichtsinn. He’s happy to give you “the smile you’ve always wanted in a place that feels like home.”