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The focused energy of laser light is used in our office to provide many services that were once only a dream. Technological advances have allowed us to safely use lasers in treating many conditions in the mouth. Laser energy can remove gum tissue with minimal discomfort and inflammation. Laser light has been documented to encourage healing and decrease pain. Many procedures are simplified and less (or no) Novocain is necessary!

How are lasers used in dentistry?

Dental lasers can be used to:

  • Greatly reduce the discomfort and speed healing of canker and cold sores
  • speed up tooth whitening
  • help diagnose cavities in the earliest stages
  • comfortably remove lip/muscle attachments in the mouth that interfere with normal function (known as a frenectomy)
  • manage gum tissues during crown preparation
  • remove overgrown gums in a gummy smile
  • perform biopsies
  • remove inflamed gum tissues and aid in treatment of gum disease

The World Clinical Laser Institute has certified Dr. Lichtsinn in diode laser dentistry. Dental lasers can treat with less Novocain, less pain and faster healing. Call Southpointe Dental for a consultation on laser dentistry at 701-280-1941.