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What is “Green Dentistry”? It is the philosophy of running a dental business in a way that is earth friendly. Dr. Lichtsinn and the team at Southpointe Dental believe in running our dental practice in a way that minimizes our impact on the earth’s environment and resources. We are dedicated to providing quality dental care in “Green” way!

Some of the many ways which we conserve resources:

  • X-rays are digitally processed- no waste fixer, developing solution, or lead film packs.
  • Digital X-rays also reduce exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent!
  • Paper charts have been replaced electronic records.
  • Electronic claims processing eliminates paper claims and postage.
  • Southpointe Dental actively recycles paper, plastics, cardboard, metals and magazines.
  • Setback thermostats conserve heating and cooling costs.
  • Lighting is high efficiency electronic ballast fluorescent lighting.
  • Off Peak electrical energy is utilized for heating water and HVAC.
  • Mercury amalgam fillings are minimally used- modern composite resin “porcelain” fillings are the primary restorative of choice.
  • Our dental office is a “recycled” dental office!
  • We utilize a high efficiency compressor and vacuum system.
  • Steam autoclave minimizes use of chemical sterilants.

We feel the responsibility to conserve our resources begins with us, and we continue to seek means to become more eco-friendly. “Green Dentistry” in Fargo-Moorhead- a smart way to help save our earth for generations to come!